5 Must-Watch Documentary's About Climate Change

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Holly keeNAN
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For years I had been arguing with my friend about the amount of meat he consumes. There is no problem with people eating meat, but when someone finishes a full-sized steak with every meal, you start to question their life choices.

 I would try to tell him how bad it was for the planet and his health, but no argument was getting through to him. One day, I strategically put on a new documentary called Game Changers about plant-based diets. One scene showed how scientific research has proven that heavy meat consumption can lead to erectile dysfunction. The next thing I knew, my friend was throwing the steaks out of the window and consuming more plants than a full-grown Gorilla.

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The point I am trying to make is not about meat consumption but the power of documentaries. They allow the viewer a much deeper understanding of a particular subject. Documentaries bring together experts worldwide and provide them with a platform to discuss a specific topic. They also spark conversations with friends and even have the power to create social movements. Documentaries are a significant asset. Most of us in the Western World have not been exposed to the full force of climate change, but documentaries allow us to see our possible futures or what is already occurring across the globe.

The documentaries I have chosen in this article have already had a significant influence on our society; if you haven’t watched them, you’re missing out!

1. Seaspiracy 

Seaspiracy reveals the secrets behind commercial fishing. It shows the brutal nature of the fishing industry and how many NGOs and fishing certification labels are misleading us. There’s no doubt that Seaspiracy is a difficult watch, but if you want to know the truth behind these multi-billion dollar industries, then it is a much-watch. 

2 . Eating Our Way To Extinction 

Eating Our Way To Extinction offers a cinematic experience for the viewer. From the Mongolian desert to the Scottish Coastlines, the viewer is transported across the world. We see testimonials about how climate change affects our planet, and we hear the scary realities for the indigenous people most affected by environmental changes. The documentary allows viewers to question their everyday choices and make better changes for our future. 

3. The Territory

The territory is a recent documentary that covers the lives of the people living in the amazon rainforest. It follows the tireless fight the indigenous people face whilst trying to protect their homes. The documentary showcases the incredible rainforest landscape and shows how the farmers illegally burn down parts of the land that the indigenous people fight to protect.

4. Kiss The Ground 

Kiss The Ground is an optimistic climate documentary showcasing the potential of our soil. Our current farming techniques are causing our soil to deplete, and scientists predict that we will run out of topsoil in 50 years. However, regenerative farming techniques have the potential to not only save our soils but also save us from climate change. 


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