April 4, 2022

Five Eco Apps You Need to Help the Environment

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Did you know that eco apps can help you reduce your environmental impact? If you've ever felt lost when it comes to saving the environment, then you are not alone! According to a recent study, 40 percent of Americans feel helpless about saving the planet. ‍However, there are many professional tools out there to help you positively impact the environment; ‍Here are five eco apps that can help you save the planet.

  1. Klima Eco App

Klima is an app that lets you offset your carbon footprint. The app calculates your carbon footprint and then compares it to your country's average person's carbon footprint.

After determining your carbon footprint, the app will provide you with multiple options to offset your emissions.

For example, if you are interested in investing your money in renewable energy, Klima gives you this option.

At this point, you might be thinking, "yes, offsetting is great and all, but how can I trust that my money is  actually invested in renewable energy?." Klima has made it its mission to be completely transparent about where your money is going.

Klima provides you with live updates on the overall CO2 emissions your money has helped reduce.

They also break down to the individual unit where that reduction comes from, be it the number of trees planted, kilowatt-hours of green energy produced, or clean cooked meals provided by your support.

A women receiving her Too Good To package

2. Too Good To Go Eco App

If you haven't heard of Too Good To Go before, then take it as a sign that you're behind the times. This eco app has utterly revolutionized the food waste industry.

Too Good To Go works with food companies and consumers to help stop 'out of date' food going to waste.

The eco app uses a geo-targeted map to show you restaurants, cafes, takeaways, and supermarkets with leftover food available for pickup. 

Too Good to Go has saved over 30 million boxes of unsold food from going to waste and has prevented 5000 tons of CO2 emissions.

CEO of Palau Jerome Cloetens Surfing towards the Palau APP

3. Palau Eco App

Food production contributes to ⅓ of all global GHG emissions, yet there remains so little information to help individuals reduce their food footprint.

 Palau is an eco app developed to help consumers reduce the environmental impact of their food. By bringing transparency to the food supply chain, consumers can see exactly how their food products have impacted the environment.

 Palau provides consumers with an ecological and nutritional score out of 100.

Among other things, consumers can then see the amount of CO2 produced during the food product production, at what point in the food supply chain are most emissions produced, and if the packaging used is harmful to the environment.

Palau is bringing power to the people by helping you make informed decisions about the food products you buy. 

Emma Watson the face of Good On You

4. Good On You  Eco App

This eco app is a must-have if you care about the environment. The Good On You app lets you search thousands of different clothing brands to check their impact on the environment, animals, and laborers.

The eco app works by rating the brand from 1 (we avoid) to 5 (great).

To obtain their data, Good On You aggregate all the relevant public information available from company websites and consult with industry experts to keep rating methodologies up to date. 

The eco app Vinted

5. Vinted App

Welcome to the new, improved version of Depop. Vinted. The eco app has helped shoppers buy second-hand clothing at affordable prices.

Whilst Depop invigorated the next generation of sustainable fashioneerists; Vinted has highlighted the problems of excessive pricing.

Therefore, Vinted has outsmarted its competitors and has taken the gen z buyers and sellers by storm.

More to the point, apps like Vinted are helping the environment by stopping clothes from ending up in landfills and preventing carbon emissions produced to make new clothes.

VInted Eco App helps you buy second hand clothes easily
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