April 8, 2022

How To Use The Palau App

Tips & Tricks
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Unsure of how to use the Palau App? Here are some quick tips and tricks to get you up and running with the rest of the Palau community.



1) Make sure you have  authorised access to your camera. If you have not done so, you’ll need to change this in your phone settings. 

2) You’ve authorised the application to use cellular data. This can also be changed in your phone settings 

3) We are currently unable to run the app offline so make sure you have internet in the supermarket .

Scanning food product


  1. If the item has data collected on it then the product will receive both an ecological  score and nutritional score.
  1. If you want to find out more information about the two different scores you can then click on the arrow and the app will redirect you to the ecological and nutritional breakdown page. 
  1. On the ecological score page you can find the CO2 emissions emitted during the production of food, a breakdown of the CO2 emissions, what plastic was used, where the product is from, what plastic was used and finally if the food product has any certificates. 

1. On the Nutritional Score page you can see the content of salt, sugar, how many calories, and any additives added

  1. The Dashboard page allows you to see all the previous items you have scanned last week, month or even last year. 
  1. At the top of the dashboard page there is an overall weekly ecological and nutritional score. This way each week you can try to improve on your scores. 



1. You can even share your ecological impact with your friends with the “share your ecological progress” feature located on the bottom part of your dashboard!

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