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Is Palau an independent application? 🙌🏻

Yes, Palau is entirely independent. Although we will be working together closely with supermarkets, our way of scoring and providing alternatives will never be influenced by any third parties! Which means that our product evaluations and recommendations are entirely objective, a 100% independent project.

How are the product alternatives selected? ✅

The algorithm for selecting better alternatives takes into account: the product category, rating and availability.

How do you create transparency? 📖

Transparency is one of our main principles. Palau gives you the chance to be fully informed about what you buy. We not only give the overall co2 emissions of each product, we also break down to the individual sources of emissions: agriculture, transportation, packaging... On top of that, we provide information about the product’s production system, origins of ingredients. packaging and threatened species. We provide the information, you’re the one that creates the impact by deciding what's best for you and for the planet!

Are you a non-profit? 🤍

No, Palau aims to change the concept of sustainability and fight climate change. For that, we need to create an organisation that is sustainable by itself and has no need to be dependent on external resources. We have years, not decades, to reverse global warming, which means we need to reach as many people as possible as quickly as possible. In today’s world, the most certain way to do so is with the support of investors. This way, we make sure to achieve the biggest climate impact we can. Because at the end of the day, planet earth is our biggest investor!

How is the company financed? 💸

Palau Project currently has no revenue but has been supported by the Belfius (belgian bank), ASCL (belgian IT company) and the Flemish government (VLAIO subsidy). All parties decided to invest in Palau because they believed in the mission. If you are interested in our project and would like to invest in it, you can contact us at or visit

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