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Who is behind Palau? 👨👩👧👦

We are a team of professional procrastinators that are forced to fight the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced. Founders: CTO Simon Hendrickx & CEO Jerome Cloetens / Advisor: Jade / Product Manager: Toby / LCA support: Mariel / Infrastructure support: Théo / Happiness Manager: Eol

What is the inspiration for the company name “Palau”? 🐢

We named the company after the marine reserve from the country of Palau (Oceania) because of the incredible wildlife it contains and the efforts they have made to preserve it.

Where is the team located? 📍

Palau is a Belgian company, with an international team coming from the Netherlands, Ecuador, the UK, Spain & more. We all work remotely from different parts of the globe.

How can I join the team? 👯

If you share our passion for nature and want to do something about climate change, we would love to have you on the team! VACANCIES: Data Analyst & Environmental Specialist. Contact us at

How did you come up with the concept? 💡

Simon and Jerome were in Tarifa, Spain during a rainy day, and they started talking about how the concept of sustainability is not transparent. Neither Simon nor Jerome knew how to reduce their impact on the planet. Both agreed that they never knew if they could trust all the marketing campaigns companies create to boast about how sustainable they are. They then decided to find it out, and solve this personal problem they had while at the same time, sharing the solution with the whole world.

What is Palau’s mission? 🌍

Our main goal is to solve the pollution problem by accelerating the production of sustainable products, starting at the root. The food industry accounts for ⅓ of the world's pollution. Palau's main goal is to help reduce its ecological impact. Through informed purchasing, consumers will be able to make mindful choices and use their power as consumers to drive the food industry towards improving their product offering. Palau’s mission is to create a community that co-creates our movement. Community is everything and together we have the power to make a change. Join us now and lower your ecological impact!

How can I support Palau? 🤩

You can support us in numerous ways: by leaving us a 5-star on the App Store and Play Store. By subscribing to our newsletter. By following us on our social media such as Instagram & Tiktok. But the most important, by sharing Palau with others! Only together can we solve the climate problem! Thank you for already being part of the movement 💕

What does Palau do? 🚀

Palau gives you the chance to be fully informed about what you buy. It is an app that scans food products to evaluate their ecological impact and nutritional values. It helps people reduce their impact on the planet from their own comfort zone. Whenever a product has a bad score, Palau will recommend an alternative product. ⅓ of the world's pollution is caused by the food industry. Reduce 70% in emissions by changing your diet. The food industry will follow the consumers' needs! Together we can make an impact, join the Palau community!

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